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About us

In a world of abundance and mass production, product quality and personality are decisive factors.
We associate our name and the production of our coffee with our perception of highest quality and responsible service.
Ever since the days of our youth, we have both been passionate entrepreneurs.
Untiring dedication, the search for new, interesting and unique things has characterised our view of the world. Combining tradition and convention as well as enthusiasm for innovation gives us pleasure every day.
With CultCaffè we have found our place in the world of coffee.
We see ourselves as your coffee experts, coffee consultants, coffee specialists and, above all, as your catering partner.
We look forward to being able to welcome you to our world of coffee.
A way arises when you walk that way.

The Roasting House

CULTCAFFÈ exclusively does its own roasting!
Roasting is our CORE AREA in the whole business operation.
The right raw bean forms the basis for a good roasted coffee.
Therefore, the purchasing process has highest priority.
Walter Schweifer’s many years of experience, his pleasure in experimenting and the close partnership with the professionals at our raw coffee dealers‘ guarantee perfection in every BLEND of CultCaffè.

The Roasting Process

The rotary drum process has established itself for decades as the best process for simply getting the very best from an excellent raw bean.
Modern control technology and indirect roasting refine this procedure and optimise the roasting process. As good as it gets (as Jack Nicholson would say).
This roasting procedure lasts just under 20 min., at max. 227 degrees for a perfect result that extracts the best aroma from each bean, the roasting machine has given its all and the roasting expert is satisfied.
Now, the roasted bean cools down slowly, taking the time to develop its aroma and is then stored in open containers so that aroma and flavour can develop optimally.
Packaging does not take place until after 24 hours.
Aroma development
Approx. 24 hours after roasting the coffee develops its typical flavour.
After about 2 weeks, the coffee has reached its highest level of flavour.
CultCaffè delivers directly to the customer at intervals of 2-4 weeks.
This guarantees that only freshly roasted coffee is processed in the mill at our customers‘ for a perfect cup of coffee.
Once everyone is satisfied, then our roasting expert treats himself to a sublime cup of CULTCAFFÈ!


Building up the CultCaffè Roasting House is a great challenge for us which we accept with pleasure.
Constructive and professional catering partnership, characterised by mutual appreciation, respect and trust is important to us.
We are growing step-by-step and continually and in this way we ensure a constant level of quality.
Purchasing outstanding raw coffee qualities is of utmost importance to us.
Not image and lifestyle, but the coffee and the best advice assume greatest priority!
Permanent development and innovation are important to us.
We are uncomplicated, think untraditionally and make quick decisions.
We wish to be an efficient, reliable and long-term partner for you.
Combining Italian and Austrian Coffee Culture as harmoniously as possible is our aim.
Competent and individual advice is one side, quality and best personal effort the other side of an exceptional and reliable service.
We stand behind CultCaffè with our love of craftsmanship – small enough to fulfil individual requirements and large enough to do justice to the demands of large establishments/chain hotel businesses.
Guaranteed delivery, guaranteed amounts, back office and reliability.

Caffè – Kaffee – Coffee

One of the most important commodities on the world market is coffee, originating from over 80 producing countries. As with wine, climate and soil conditions affect quality and tasteArabica..
It grows in the highlands, is regarded as a high quality bean and contains little caffeine.
As a plant, it is vulnerable and needs more care, which makes it mild, aromatic with a classic tartness.
Not every Arabica coffee is automatically high-quality coffee.
Robusta (also called Canephora)
It is – as the name already suggests, the robust type. Its caffeine content is high, heat and climate conditions have little influence on it and it originates from West Africa.

Brands & Blends

Traceability is our aim.
We like to know from which region, which harvest and which plantation or cooperative our purchased coffee originates.
Our purchasing philosophy is also to that effect. In this respect, we are forcing the pace of the direct trade with coffee farmers and cooperatives.


An extraordinary espresso
Our top espresso – brought to perfection over years, – combines the best of two worlds: Firstly, the aromatic blend of Arabica beans from the best producing countries in Central and South America, secondly the high-quality Rosbustas.
This results in an espresso without equal – well-rounded, intensive, lasting taste, hazel nut-like and chocolaty flavour, finely aromatic and full-bodied with a chocolaty note and velvety fine Crema.

Barista Nobile

The finely balanced blend of best Arabica beans makes Barista Nobile the perfect companion for lovers of discreet tartness and fruity flavour.
Elegant flavour, fine Crema and full-bodied taste.
A very wholesome blend of the finest beans with no irritants due to the longer roasting period, especially well-tolerated with full caffeine.

Rainbow – Espresso Organic

Bio beans and espresso? For a long time that was no simple matter.
But finally we have now found suitable beans and succeeded in producing a superb blend.
This blend of high quality bio-certified raw beans from Nicaragua and Tanzania as well as small plantations from India distinguishes itself by its full-bodied and wonderful flavour.

Classic Filter Coffee

Very aromatic blend, especially mild and gently roasted according to old traditions.
100% Arabica
Suitable for all types of filter machines. Due to its strong flavour and freshness this coffee blend needs a 20% smaller dose than traditional filter coffees.
Magnificently suitable for breakfast coffee for mixing with milk and cream.

Classic – Caffeine-free

A pure black coffee freed of caffeine by refining the raw coffee with natural carbon dioxide.
Ideal for evening and for anyone who has to take cardio-vascular conditions into account.
Well-tolerated with full flavour.
100% Arabica

Individual blend for your business

From an annual amount starting at 250 kg, we will create your own blend together with you to match your taste and with your label.

Catering & the Hotel Business

Since we started our activities 12 years ago, our focus has been on customers in the HOTEL & CATERING BUSINESS.
Our experience, exploring new avenues, combined with the integration of new trends guarantee a long-term partnership in relation to the needs of our customers.
In this respect, our main focus is on feasibility and efficiency.
This is the only way to guarantee financial success.
Creating the ideal „Coffee Concept“ for your business
The right machines for your demands, needs and budget
The optimal COFFEE for your specific guest clientele
Employee training, ongoing workshops
Freshly roasted deliveries at intervals of 2-4 weeks directly via CULT CAFFÈ
Check-up & fine adjustment of the whole equipment at each delivery
High service level (replacement machines, extensive network of service technicians)
Complete equipment – cups, glasses, sugar, coffee extras

Perfect coffee in the cup

Only perfectly prepared coffee in the cup satisfies the guest.
There are three decisive factors for this
Coffee machine (fully automatic or portafilter machine)
We, at CultCaffè will check the whole equipment at each delivery.
If any small parameter is out of order, fine adjustments will be made and any repairs or service will be arranged.
Your employees will be given an introductory training course by CultCaffè with the equipment in use.
A fast, efficient, and nonetheless, perfect preparation of each cup of coffee must become apparent to the employees after completing the course.

Coffee Machines

Portafilter, semi-automatic, fully automatic coffee machine, lever machine, or just a good old filter machine; relax, just ask CULTCAFFÈ.
12 years of experience from gourmet bar to large-scale catering.
Show us your premises and we will be pleased to offer you our advice with no-obligation!
Fully automatic coffee machines
We know which is the most suitable machine for you, we know what is important and everything you need – at the same time taking your budget into account.
Portafilter machines
We have these on offer ourselves, for any size of premises and requirements for the optimal machine:
La Pavoni
Mills (Grind on Demand)
With regard to mills, we work primarily with FIORENZATO mills and offer their whole product range at good prices.
It would be a pleasure to offer you our advice and explain all options one-on-one.


„Only perfect, really good coffee in the cup will delight your guests“
CULTCAFFÈ gives you impulse, impetus, a renewed boost, a new input!
The daily ongoing turnover – that is the „main thing“.
For new customers or when „fresh winds“ are required, we will carry out a „Coffee Training Course“ at your place of business.
Presentation of the CultCaffè enterprise and our philosophy
Why the perfect cup of coffee is so important
Adjusting the mill
Preparing the process
The right espresso as a basis for all other creations
The perfect milk Crema
Cleaning the coffee machine
General tips
We also offer our customers basis seminars in our roasting house several times a year.
A similar programme to the one described above is carried out at these seminars.
Nevertheless, your employees will have more time and options for trying out in practice, also getting to know our business and thus acquire a better approach to the product which they will be selling.
Additional WORKSHOPS in the world of LATTEART with our Barista Champions are highlights in our ROASTERY and are mostly sold out as soon as announced.
In addition, there is extra motivation and fun in the group and exchanging experiences with others.

Highest quality – perfect enjoyment!

Hotels and gastronomy

Our common goal:
The best for your guests

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