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Neapel, Italy pure… In the trouble of this city we escape nearly hourly into an espresso bar, where the barista (coffee maker) prepares us a matchless coffee boost in the form of a delicious Espresso.

When we asked which coffee this was, we got the answer: “di nostra torrefazione regionale”.

Certainly – from a small roastery in this region.

This matter of course of the Italians, to acquire their coffee fresh from the regional roastery, as well as our long-standing love to coffee an coffee culture, have led us to revive an old tradition.

Cult Caffè was founded in autumn 2003. Cult Caffè, abbreviation for Cultura di Caffè, should be the name of our brand.

Journeys to growing areas, extensive visits at large raw coffee dealers in Hamburg an Triest, went the idea of an own roastery ahead.

Cult Caffè – coffee culture of the Italians, connected with Austrian care in roasting and service.

Your quality roaster in Austria.