CULTCAFFÈ exclusively does its own roasting!

Roasting is our CORE AREA in the whole business operation.

The right raw bean forms the basis for a good roasted coffee.

Therefore, the purchasing process has highest priority.

Walter Schweifer’s many years of experience, his pleasure in experimenting and the close partnership with the professionals at our raw coffee dealers’ guarantee perfection in every BLEND of CultCaffè.

The Roasting Process


The rotary drum process has established itself for decades as the best process for simply getting the very best from an excellent raw bean.

Modern control technology and indirect roasting refine this procedure and optimise the roasting process. As good as it gets (as Jack Nicholson would say).

This roasting procedure lasts just under 20 min., at max. 227 degrees for a perfect result that extracts the best aroma from each bean, the roasting machine has given its all and the roasting expert is satisfied.

Now, the roasted bean cools down slowly, taking the time to develop its aroma and is then stored in open containers so that aroma and flavour can develop optimally.

Packaging does not take place until after 24 hours.

Aroma development

Approx. 24 hours after roasting the coffee develops its typical flavour.

After about 2 weeks, the coffee has reached its highest level of flavour.

CultCaffè delivers directly to the customer at intervals of 2-4 weeks.

This guarantees that only freshly roasted coffee is processed in the mill at our customers’ for a perfect cup of coffee.

Once everyone is satisfied, then our roasting expert treats himself to a sublime cup of CULTCAFFÈ!

Quality coffee made in Austria