Brands & Blends

Traceability is our aim.

We like to know from which region, which harvest and which plantation or cooperative our purchased coffee originates.

Our purchasing philosophy is also to that effect. In this respect, we are forcing the pace of the direct trade with coffee farmers and cooperatives.


83% Arabica, 17% Robusta
This is our extraordinary Espresso Blend – perfectioned over years – and unites the best of two worlds. ‘Arabicas’ from the best plantations in South America as well as high-grade ‘Robustas’. This provides an excel-lent Blend. Intense long-lasting flavour, hazel-nutty in taste with a cho-colate background, full bodied and with a velvety ‘Crema’.

Portafilter / full automat

Barista Nobile

100% Arabica
Finest balanced blend of high-grade ‘Arabicas’ of 6 single pure-variety cuvees. Elegant aroma, subtle fine acidity, fruity tone with entire charac-ter. Full bodied, nuances of gentle bitter chocolate and almonds. Velvety, mild and balanced.

Portafilter / full automat

Amarillo – Organic

80 % Arabica, 20 % Robusta

Rainbow Organic

100% Arabica
A blend of high quality raw coffee from controlled organic plantations in Guatemala and small plantations in India. Shady trees generate a slowly ripening coffee bean with a unique aroma, with elegant full flavour and less acidity.

Portafilter / full automat / filter

Klassik Filter

100% Arabica
The ‘classical’ filter percolated coffee.
A balanced and very aromatic Blend of the best ‘Arabicas’. Especially mild and carefully roasted. Extremely low in acidity with hazelnut tones, Excellent as a breakfast coffee.

Filter percolator

Klassik – Koffeinfrei

100 % Arabica


50% Arabica, 50% Robusta
This coffee blend is the essence of Southern Italy. Vigorous body, great abundance, uniquely deep roast aromas, nut and chocolate on the palate, very long and broad aftertaste, more caffeine, less acidity.



100 % Robusta

India Monsooned Malabar

100 % Arabica

PABLO E. Mexico

100 % Arabica

Orang Utan

100 % Arabica


Individual blend for your business

From an annual amount starting at 250 kg, we will create your own blend together with you to match your taste and with your label. As always, we will match your requirements and demand for quality by purchasing the best raw coffee.


We buy FLO (Fairtrade Labelling Organisations) certified raw coffee.

A “Flo-Cert” guarantees that all specified social and financial standards are complied with.

Due to the fact that we, as a company, will not “once again” (at great expense) apply for certification and as we are very sceptical towards “the certification craze”, we do not use the label from “FairTrade” on our products.

Bio coffee

We buy raw coffee from organic producers and Organic Plantations both with certificate and also directly from Organic Plantations.

We are bio-certified for the processing of this raw coffee.

Our Rainbow blend consists of these raw coffees.